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Volcano vocab and attributes

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What is a caldera?
a large depression formed when a volcano erupts and collapses
The top of the volcano
What is a hot spring?
a natural hot stream
a spring of hot water heated by volcanic activity
What is geothermal energy?
Heat that volcanoes give off
Thermal energy from the earth
Hot water
What are geysers?
Flying water in the air
Hot water
A type of hot spring where water explodes into the air
What are the three types of volcanoes
Composite, Caldera, Cinder Cone
Composite, Shield, Cinder Caldera
Composite, Cinder Cone, Shield
What kind of borders do shield volcanoes form on?
What 3 factors determine lava viscosity?
temperature (+, +), gas content, stone content (-, +)
gas content (+, +), temperature (-, +), and silica content (+, +)