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What is Quickz?

varun @varun Creator of Quickz

Quickz is a platform for creating, sharing and hosting live gameshow-like quizzes.

A temporary game room is created through hosting a deck on the Quickz website. Players can then join the game using a short game pin. Each player gets the same question, and players are rewarded for answering correctly and quickly. For the best experience, the host's screen should be visible to players (via a projector or screen sharing).


Quickz is similar to Kahoot, but with the intention of creating meaningful, educational game sessions. For example, Quickz allows for the inclusion of answer explanations to help tighten the feedback loop in-game. It also has a student paced practice mode, where students can revise decks without the need for an account.

Additionally, hosted Quickz games are paced by the host, allowing them to explain and teach contents throughout the quiz.

Quickz focuses on simplicity and eductation, so if that's your style, try Quickz out. You might like it! :)

To learn more about Quickz, visit or read The Quickz Guide.