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Quickz at Tampa Devs

varun @varun Creator of Quickz

3 months ago, Quickz was just an idea on a Google Doc. Since then, I've been working in my spare time to build the best multiplayer quiz experience that I can.

Quickz has grown from an idea to a platform with hundreds of users creating decks. I am very grateful for everyone's support!

Something especially cool that took place a few weeks ago, was the usage of Quickz at a real life tech meetup with many attendees. On the 2nd February 2022, Tampa Devs started off their meetup with a short round of Quickz. The game handled 40 concurrent players (which is double the maximum for Kahoot's Starter and Standard plans!!)

I would like to thank Vincent Tang and Tampa Devs for trying out Quickz!

To learn more about Quickz, visit or read The Quickz Guide.