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Which of the following is the correct syntax to print a page using JavaScript?
Which one of the following prerequisites do you need on your OS before you install Git?
Jakarta Enterprise Edition web profile compliant server
Java Development Kit 1.8 or newer
Python 3.1 or higher

Git doesn't have any dependencies (well, aside from a compatible OS).

console.log(3 > 2 > 1 === false);
Can't run because of syntax error
What is the command to get the current status of the Git repository?
git --status
git getStatus
git status
git config --info
Using Bootstrap, you want your HTML element to take 50% of the total width when viewed on a large screen. Which class would you use?

Bootstrap adopts a twelve column system. #6 in the class refers to 6 out 12 columns (50%).

Under which circumstance should you use a single dash within a Git command, as opposed to a double dash?
When it is followed with a quoted text message
Double dash is usually used for status checking commands, while single dash is associated with editing and pushing changes or adding notes
There is no definite rule here - the double dash came with modern git, while the single dash is legacy
When using a single-character option

It's as simple as using a single dash for single character options while using double dash for multiple character options. For example, the m in -m stands for message, which you could alternatively type it as --message.