Keeping Mayan Traditions Alive

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How do traditional Maya and Catholic beliefs influence modern Maya religious practices?
The Spanish in the 1400s influenced the Mayan
The British in the 1400s influenced the Mayan
The Germans in the 1400s influenced the Mayan
The French in the 1400s influenced the Mayan
What does a traditional Maya healer do?
They kill.
They Tortured
They Healed the Soul and Physical Body
They dealt with people with mental problems
What is a marimba?
A wooden xylophone
A metal xylophone
A Plastic xylophone
A Bread looking xylophone
What part does music play in traditional Maya culture?
They function as entertainment and celebration towards the farmers and the empire/city
They functioned as a 1400 esc rock concert because the mayan liked rock
They functioned without reason because of the eternal death of the universe
They function with the promise to kill everyone due to the spanish (columbus) coming to kill
When do highland Maya wear traditional clothing?
They wear it during festivals
They wear it during funerals
They wear it during sacrifices
They wear it during birth
What do the designs in the clothing tell us?
They tell about love, family and religion
They tell about Life, Death and the Afterlife
They tell about religion, technology and farming
They tell about Food, Life and Economics
What were the future generations of priests called?