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Blooket vs Quickz, What's the difference?

varun @varun Creator of Quickz

What's the difference between Blooket and Quickz? When should you use Quickz, and when should you use Blooket? Hopefully, this post should answer these questions.

Blooket is described as "an exciting new take on the modern classroom review game", while Quickz is described as "The classroom quiz app that gets it right.".

As a student myself, I find that Blooket is a great way to memorize vocabulary and new concepts, however, I find the game aspects distracting from the actual learning. The best student can still come in last place due to bad luck, and the least prepared student can still come first if they get lucky enough.

It's a game of chance, which can be fun at times (for example, just after introducing a new unit), but not very effective when studying. Additionally, most Blooket game modes have students answering different questions at their paces. This disconnect can often make the games less engaging, and harder for students to get feedback mid-game.

On the other hand, Quickz does not have any "fun elements", it's just a simple platform for asking multiple-choice questions to students at the same time, similar to Kahoot. Essentially, it cuts out the noise and allows the teacher to lead the class with their style.

It also contains a feature that allows teachers to add an explanation for why an answer is correct. This is a great place to add more details to help tighten the feedback loop for students.

However, this isn't for every situation. Younger students might not find the simple gameplay incredibly exciting, but this is because we try to give as much control of the classroom back to the teachers.

We think that Quickz is a great tool for whole-class revision, possibly before a test or the start of a new unit.

If you're interested, give Quickz a try at!